About the film

Four young friends on a road trip into the country - Jim and his nervous girlfriend Lisa, along with Jim’s friend Rex and his girlfriend Tina - decide to make a detour and hike into a remote forest where they hear talk of an abandoned mill and a strange local landmark known as “Enchanted Rock.” Unfortunately, the group finds out too late that the forest is under the control of the sinister vampire Baal and his underlings. The desperate group fights for survival as they discover Baal has power over everything in this strange wood - from life and death, to the very concept of time itself. Lisa must lead the group in their effort to uncover the secret of the forest and the arcane source of Baal’s power.

Forest of the Vampire weds the classic gothic horror of Hammer’s dracula films with the survivalist terror of films like The Evil Dead and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre to a produce a unique story that pumps new blood into modern vampire cinema.